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Optionele accessoires voor de FT-897

Official Yeasu FT-897 Options and Addons:

FP-30 External AC Power Supply

FP-1030A External AC Power Supply (25A)

FP-1023A Compact Power Supply (23A; U.S.A. only)

FNB-78 Ni-MH Battery Pack (13.2 V, 4500 mAh)

PA-26B/C/U Ni-MH Battery Charger

CD-24 Ni-MH Battery Charger Adapter

YF-122S Collins SSB Filter (2.3 kHz/4.7 kHz: -6 dB/-66 dB)

YF-122C Collins CW Filter (500 Hz/2 kHz: -6 dB/-60 dB)

YF-122CN Collins CW Filter (300 Hz/1 kHz: -6 dB/-60 dB)

FC-30 External Automatic Antenna Tuner

FC-40 External Automatic End Fed Wire Antenna Tuner

ATAS-25 Active-Tuning Antenna System

ATAS-100 Active-Tuning Antenna System

ATAS-120 Active-Tuning Antenna System

ATBK-100 VHF/UHF Antenna Base/Counterpoise Kit

MMB-80 Mounting Braket

VL-1000 Solid-State Linear Amplifier

MD-200A8X Desktop Microphone

MH-36E8J DTMF Microphone

MH-59A8J Remote Control Microphone

CT-62 CAT Interface Cable

CT-39A Packet Cable



Unofficial FT-897 Options and Addons:

AT-897 External Automatic Antenna Tuner by LDG, mounts on side of FT-897

FT-Meter External Meter by LDG that attaches to the FT-897 meter jack

OFC-897 FAST Charger W4RT's own. Plugs into OPP-897's fast charge jack. Light weight & compact.

One BIG Punch Speech Compressor Provides about 5 dB more talk power. Be heard unlike you have before!

OPF-Y-SSB Collins 10-pole Mechanical Filter 2.3 kHz SSB Filter by W4RT

OPF-Y-CW-500 Collins 7-pole Mechanical Filter 500 Hz CW Filter by W4RT

OPF-Y-CW-300 Collins 7-pole Mechanical Filter 300 Hz CW Filter by W4RT

OPP-897 4500 mAh Battery Fast charges in 4 hrs & has thermal protection!

Radio Mate Great Keyboard entry for the FT-897 from BHI

Y-ACC Cable All you need to make the LDG Autotuner have One-Touch functionality.